Basic terminology

  • SODA: The Drupal installation profile. Some times you may find it as Soda Profile also.

  • Open Data: Please check on Wikipedia.

  • Dataset: SODA's main goal is to collect, manage and distribute open data. Each collection of data is reffered as a Dataset. A dataset may be for example a collection of statistics about road traffic, a list of books, a map of school locations etc. In Soda, Datasets are simply Contect types (of entity Node) that have been exposed through the REST API and Drupal's interface to public.

  • Dataset fields or Fields: Datasets should have fields and fields keep data. For example, a Dataset with traffic data may have fields such as ID, timestamp of the log, location etc.

  • Dataset item or Data item or simply Item: The individual (unique) piece of data of a Dataset. Many data items create a Dataset.

  • REST API: Please check on Wikipedia. Soda offers an extensible REST API for its Datasets.