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Soda is a Drupal distribution.

Drupal Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually.

This project is aimed to collect, manage and distribute (small scale) open data.

Purpose and potentional users

SODA could be used by any organization, group of people, company etc that would like to collect, manage and distribute open data.

We are mainly focusing to give (public sector) organizations a simple tool to create and share Open Data.

There is no location or other type of restriction. The tool will be generic and extensible.

Furthermore, it could be used as a restful server to exchange data between devices.

Similar tools

Some open source projects related to open data manipulation can be found on this list.

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Currenty, this project is maintained by TheodorosPloumis.

Initial prototype of this project was created by these people.


Development is happening on Github only. The main repositories you can contribute to are these:

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  • Version 7.x-1.x

This version is a basic prototype (proof of concept). It is production ready but should be used with caution. No security tests were implemented for version 7.x-1.x.

  • Version 7.x-2.x

Plese refer to this issue: 7.x-2.x Roadmap

Live Demos


This project started on a 2 day Hackathon ( on 2014 at Thessaloniki, Greece. It won the first place among 15 other projects. Since then we decided to make it a full Drupal distribution and continue it furthermore so we get a complete Drupal solution for small open data.


GPL - GNU General Public Licence

For examples and other code please refer to each project for the licence.